Selling my smartphone, can I use the website alone for Trading 212?

I’m going to be without a smartphone for some time as a planned “digital detox” in the New Year. I will still have access to a laptop. Keen to continue with Trading212 as per usual and wonder if I still can use all of the trading features through the website alone, including buying and selling stocks, as well as withdrawing and depositing funds, etc, or if the app is actually a requirement? Thanks!


Jesus that’s brave of you to do in 2021. Yes the laptop will do everything you need. Have a run through the beta version of the website and see if you’re happy with it, as the old website will probably be closed in 2021 and changed to the refreshed version

Thanks very much. Where can I find the beta version of the site? Only used the older version.

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If you add /beta at the end you’ll see the new version I believe.

Don’t use it much so I’m not sure. But try

There is a button also in the dropdown menu:


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Might be a stupid question but why don’t you do a detox just be removing the apps you don’t want to use anymore. This would allow you keep your smartphone and have useful apps (bank account, investment apps etc) while removing whatever apps you find toxic. :man_shrugging:

Be careful how you do it as most accounts nowadays require 2nd step authentication that might come from an app on your phone.

how is it a digital detox if you just spend all your time on the computer instead of the phone? Selling seems a bit pointless + inconvenient

I think it can be a good idea.

Maybe not removing your phone completely, but moving onto a non-smartphone phone. That way you could still use the “Two factor authentification” that quite a few apps require.

Either way, I think most people should abstain from criticising someone that wants to “detox”. Each to their own please :slight_smile:. Also, I think it can be a very good idea to do this. Good luck Badger! :smiley:.

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I’m waiting for phones to go the direction I thought they were going until the iPhone came along.

eventually instead of talking through your phone via a bluetooth headset, the headset would be all that was left of the phone… :man_shrugging: perhaps one day a chip implant. brand new communication tech, just not focused on social game or apps etc. back to basics.

for now a smartphone will have to do, though I’m sure plenty of us will all be wanting a heavy detox after 2020 ends.