Desktop App for Trading 212

Dear all,

I am sure you are well aware of this already but for those who are not if you are wondering if Trading 212 has a windows app or platform, the answer with the best of knowledge is they don’t have. But I have come up with a solution/workaround for this.

If you have chrome, click on the right-top corner 3 dots to go into options. Then, click on “More tools” and then “create shortcut”. This will create an app like window and a shortcut on your screen.
Voila !! there you have it, windows app/platform.
After that, if you open this community following the same procedure above, this time you will see the “install community” option. There you have this community app as well.

Enjoy trading.

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That is interesting. Suppose I have done this but then decide I want to uninstall it. How do I do that please?

I assumed i was using T212 desktop platform (CFD, Invest and ISA), as i login via my laptop/T212 website, and it looks different to the phone app. :thinking:

Simply delete the shortcut from your desktop screen or see the screenshot attached. Done !!

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I don’t think they have dedicated platform. I am not sure if it is in some countries.

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This is pretty cool - thanks for sharing!

It’ll do until 212 team push the ‘advanced ui version’ they are working on

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