Trading 212 Desktop Application

Will be in the future maybe near future the possibility to make the trading 212 application to download on you pc?


Not trying to be rude, but what’s wrong with the website?


Yes, I shared this idea before and they said they’ll work on it this year. :wink:

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I would say T212 should allow APIs and let the market build enhanced apps n visualizations


Yup that would be great!

The website and even the app are pretty good… but… I feel like it’s hard to explain, if you look up thinkorswim or Webull’s desktop app, I would absolutely love to see an ‘expanded’, more trading focused desktop app version of T212, with hugely enhanced charts, full portfolio breakdowns, a screener for all the stocks T212 has listed, market overview and news feeds, etc etc, all of this would put T212 even further ahead as really we just don’t have this sort of platform in the UK, but it’s very common in the US

T212 is great already but all these features would enchance it’s use for day trading and swing trading greatly imo, I feel like a lot of T212 users who are more into trading are using other sites and programs for charts and alerts, even if these features were only brought to the web app it’d still be useful, but having a super clean desktop app would be amazing for me, I really hope we can get this


T212 already has an API as you can AE trade although I wouldn’t partake myself.
I like the web app but there’s so much missing, a windows app may allow far more functionality.

Here’s hoping…

Correct - I use ThinkorSwim and Tradingview to look at charts, and Finviz to screen. I really do wish I could do these thing’s “in-platform”.

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how do you use thinkorswim? I’ve tried to make an account but it isn’t available to UK residents.

Yes please… Thanks

how did you get a thinkorswim account? It isn’t available to uk residents

Get a paper money account with fake data.

I thought he managed to get a live account. Paper trading has real data that is delayed by 20minutes which isn’t too bad but there are a lot of features locked. For example when using the scanner to find stocks you can’t search by studies such as RSI or MACD etc.

You can give them a call and they’ll convert it to Live Data. Just ask them on call nicely, it always works out

has this worked for you? are you from the UK or EU resident?

Yes and yes. Just don’t tell them you are EU based. Call them with Hangouts.

Uhm @Team212… take note :point_down:t2:

This. Is. Awesome.

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I think the desktop version is complicated and the mobile version is much better.