SEPA payment and non-EUR account

Dear T212 team,

I want to deposit money from my bank account using SEPA payment. My T212 Invest account is in CZK and since SEPA is only possible in EUR, can I send EUR instead and then you exchange it to CZK upon arrival? Is there any other way I can fund my account without fees since I cannot use debit card for free anymore?

I suppose I could do standard foreign transaction (not SEPA) in CZK however I would have to pay high fees for that.

Thank you in advance.

I read about same issue with SWIFT payments in different thread. Is it really now the case that everyone who does not have EUR account is screwed because cannot use SEPA payment? If that’s the case, I would like to change my account currency to EUR to make fee-less SEPA payments. Otherwise I would have to start looking for different broker.

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Honestly, I would advise against this idea.

Most probable outcome is exchange rate on bank level. Either your bank or Barclays (T212).

It would make sense to just create EUR account instead. If no option to top up CZK free.

I agree with you, I would have wished they would introduce a free alternative to credit card deposit before (!) they introduce the 0,7% fee. So basically non - UK citizens are at a great disadvantage and I am disappointed.

They said they would find free alternatives for a couple of countries in the EU.
I will be honest, I will give them some time (maybe half a year). After that if there is no free alternative I am leaving. Using Revolut is no excuse. Why do I have to be forced to use Revolut if I want free deposits? They always use “totally free” in their ads. Well thats true until now I guess.

Another thing I dont like is the censorship in this forum. Hard to state facts here. This post will probably get removed, as usual…

Hope you find a solution @XpellCZ

Cheers mate

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Valid point. I would be more than happy to switch to EUR account if T212 would allow it. It’s not an issue for me to deposit EUR instead of CZK. As I see it, there is no option for me to deposit money for free in CZK at the moment and SWIFT is really expensive and does not make sense in 2021.


I am in similar boat, just with USD. However have premium Revolut currently, so have 1 SWIFT free monthly.

But yes EU investors in Non-EUR zone are fugged.


Agreed. T212 is not free for me at the moment if I want to deposit. I am hoping this thread does not get removed as that would be very disappointing and concerning.

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Dear T212 team,

can you please add free deposit method for non-EUR accounts? We are in great disadvantage in comparison to EUR account holders. I will hold on to my regular monthly deposit for some time and if no other deposit method is added, I will be forced to look for different broker.

I am sure I am not the only one in this position at the moment. I understand there are fees you have to pay for debit/credit card transactions and it’s not sustainable for you to cover this fee indefinitely however we are now in year 2021 and there must be a way to allow us deposit money for free. Possible solution might be to introduce multi-currency accounts or opening of second account meaning I would keep all my current holdings in CZK and start funding new ones in EUR separately.


there is no ‘censorship’ in the forum. posts get removed if they are blatantly false, or offensive, or as anyone should be aware by now, in violation of the community guidelines. if your posts are getting flagged you might consider brushing up on the rules to avoid that happening again.

@XpellCZ your topic isn’t violating any commuting guidelines so you don’t need to worry about it getting removed.

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That’s an example of why posts get flagged, personal attack on other forum members!

Please don’t start a flame war and keep this thread related to the topic at hand which is free deposit method for non-EUR accounts. (Free meaning not only T212 not charging fees for it but also free for a customer to execute, example SWIFT vs SEPA. SEPA is free of charge and fast in most EU countries nowadays and SWIFT on the other hand is still slow and expensive.)


One thing that needs to get worked on, SEPA flow by T212.

Barclays support instant SEPA, meaning second it leaves the originated bank, it lands to Barclays pooled account.

Now T212 needs to fully automate the SEPA flow so the money is instantly on your T212 balance.

Make this happen please @Team212.


Yes instant transfer would be nice. We are in 2021 already !

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I am in a similar situation and even much worse, me in the country where I live no bank accepts that I use my credit card to transfer money to T212. I have to make a bank to bank transfer each time, it costs me a lot of costs … at least 35 to 50 euros, and the worst, my money does not reach the T212 account for at least 3 weeks. I have tried lots of possibilities but none are possible for me at the moment. So I understand your frustration, but I also know that it is not the fault of broker T212. Finance laws are getting tougher all over the world … except for the very rich.
Anyway, good luck.


Damn 30-50€, thats insane smh