Setting a stop limit is selling my orders?!

What the hell… At first I thought I must have done something wrong, I bought back in the stock (at a higher price thanks T212) and set ANOTHER stop limit in case it dropped below $20

As soon as I finalised the stop limit, it sold my order again, so basically I can’t set a stop limit without it just deciding to sell my order instantly?!

Anyone know a fix for this I don’t fancy staring at my stocks all day just in case they drop.

I would guess you are using it wrong and it’s creating a market order straightaway. :sweat_smile:

Can you screengrab the recent sell?

Christ I did. Never mind thanks! It’s been a long day


I assume you entered a price above the current price?

No in my haste I set a limit sale below the current price not a stop limit, now I feel bad for emailing T212…

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