Trading Trailign Stops ad or API

I know there have been many request for Trailing stops for none CFD accounts (really could have used it this week), but in the absence is their an API?

Someone back in 2016 mentioned browser emulator which I will look in to but not sure its fit for purpose.

Are you asking about CFD or Invest? Trailing in CFD but not in Invest. There’s a thread previously asking for it in Invest too.

No documented API, but it’s there if you study the JS and network and call the same endpoints.

Hi Phil, all non CFD accounts so Invest and ISA.

That is a very good point, would need a data feed though to be able to track price of a stock and send a market execution at the point whatever your trailing stop logic is.

Food for thought much appreciated

Yeah theres been quite a few, not sure which is the main thread

Quite a few API threads too, this the last I posted on

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