OCO stop loss and trailing stop loss

any news on when these extremely fundamental and important features are going to be added to invest and ISA accounts?
the code is already present in the app because it functions in the CFD account, so can someone please give us a clear understanding of why these critical features are not present, despite them being partially implemented and having been requested many times?

their lack of implementation can cause obvious harm to investors, and paints T212 in a negative light regarding risk management and the promotion of responsible investing.


Hey, @Samadhi :wave:

There isn’t any news on the topic. Currently, setting a trailing stop loss is possible only on the CFD side of the app.

The reason is that trailing stops are more suitable for speculative trading, while the ISA and Invest accounts we offer are more focused on long-term investments. Still, your feedback will be noted, and we’ll let you know if anything changes in the future.

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i think it’s normal that people would use an invest account in a variety of ways, and actually the ISA too for that matter. some investments are more speculative, some more cumulative. it is not a mandatory requirement to invest only in one particular style in an account type, and more responsible investors may still occasionally want to use these functions for more speculative medium-term long positions.

these are simply tools that enable investors to make better and safer decisions in the market and they should be available without trying to force people into the part of the application where T212 makes profit by selling people risky leverage.


I think your assessment of an ISA account contradicts the response provided by T212 above as a solution to a scalping question.

Holding an ISA account should not come with a risk of losing money just because the account does not leverage and therefore does not add to T212’s income, should it?

ISA accounts could have part long hold, part short hold and part day trade. In my opinion, an ISA account is a much more mature mix of investments than a CFD account where trades are driven by the highs and lows of a stock.

I can argue it is absolutely essential for an ISA account to have a Trailing Stop Loss feature. Customer’s money and profit should be T212’s priority as much as it’s own revenue. Moreover every buy and sell in the ISA account also adds to T212’s revenue, so supporting these accounts with necessary features should be a no-brainer!

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i’m not referring to scalping. I think perhaps my comment about an ISA was misunderstood; what i’m saying is that on occasion someone may want to make use of a TSL within an ISA as not all ISA investments should be expected to be stereotypical long positions.

i don’t think it contradicts T212s statement. at the moment i do not have the ability to ‘hold my investment within an ISA’ as i wish (with a TTL). the profitable leverage i was referencing was in regards to the CFD account, which is the only part of the app where a TTL is usable. I do not advise anyone to use CFDs generally.

i agree with you, that certainly the usual (and recommended) way to use an ISA or invest account, should not incur as much downside risk, but as all investing carries risk, it would be better if tools to mitigate it were available across all accounts in the app. I also think it’s feasible for people to use GIA and ISA accounts for other positions that may wish to use a TTL.

for example, i am confident that Take Two will surge after the release of GTA6 but do not expect initial excitement to last and would imagine the stock will likely regress back down to the mean. i would like to hold the stock longer term and will reinvest when it comes back down, but i also would like the ability to use a TTL to maximize profits during the upside volatility associated with public excitement/internet coverage at launch.

That is a reasoned and responsible medium term strategy and as the security is ISA eligible, it makes little sense for me to incur unnecessary tax liability.

We very much agree on these matters being related to investor protection and I can see very little justification for the existing functionality not to be made available to people outside of the leveraged accounts.

Agreed. I have been requesting TTL (if not also Take Profit) feature for ISA and Invest for long. I know there are others who have repeatedly requested it too.

BTW, my post was a reply to Momchil. For some reason it got held for over an hour and then got published on its own, without the hook :smiley:


trailing limit order (TSL) is really useful and personally I would say it is extremely useful in an ISA. If I have a long position in my ISA that is experiencing either a sustained rise (steady rise lasting days) or has or may suddenly strongly rise a trailing stop is one of the most effective way of taking profit. For example, setting a trailing limit at 1xATR below the current price. At 1xATR is is clearly not day trading or scalping but if I already well into profit a TSL will enable me to take profit once the price pulls back. Thus may only be applied to a small part of my holding but it is a well recognised strategy


I agree, I can see a trailing stop loss very useful as the price rises so too with it the stop loss. Other platforms offer this but not all. It would be great if Trading 212 looks at his again and reconsiders this for both their Invest and ISA accounts as it has been asked for on numerous occasions.