Several stock requests for ISA Invest

ISO Energy - ISO
Boss Energy - BQSSF
Stillwater Critical Metals - PGEZF
Nova Royalty - NOVF
Discovery Silver - DSVSF
Liberty Gold - LGD
Reyna Silver - RSLV
Goldmining Inc - GLDG
Silver One - SVE
Metallic Minerals - MMG
Blackrock Silver - BRC


Hey - Some of them won’t be able to be added but some of them might. I can at least give you an indication of what’s not possible and someone from T212 can give you a response for others.

ISO Energy - ISO - No, it’s on the Canadian exchange
Boss Energy - BQSSF - maybe, I think it will depend on the volume
Stillwater Critical Metals - PGEZF - maybe, I think it will depend on the volume
Nova Royalty - NOVF - did you mean NOVRF? Doesn’t appear to be penny stock exempt
Discovery Silver - DSVSF - maybe, I think it will depend on the volume
Liberty Gold - LGD - No, Canadian exchange and the OTC version isn’t penny stock exempt
Reyna Silver - RSLV - No, Canadian listing only
Goldmining Inc - GLDG - Doesn’t appear to be penny stock exempt
Silver One - SVE - No, Canadian listing only
Metallic Minerals - MMG - No, Canadian listing only
Blackrock Silver - BRC - No, Canadian listing only

No guarantees I’m 100 % correct but 212 don’t have access to the canadian exchange.
Here’s the criteria that need to be met to be eligible for addition: Stocks & ETFs requests Help - Stocks & ETFs requests - Trading 212 Community

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Thanks for that summary. And yes you are right with the Nova Royalty ticker.

All of these are dual listed on OTC - but looking at the summary perhaps they do not meet the criteria.


No worries. Hopefully someone from 212 can give you an official response soon. I know they’re working on adding more markets and I think Canada would be high in the list.


Thanks for the suggestions, @Smifmoney - we appreciate you taking the time. I’ve passed your suggestions along, except for:

  • Boss Energy - not available in IBKR.
  • Goldmining, Inc. - not available in IBKR.
  • Metallic Minerals - not available in IBKR.
  • Blackrock Silver - not available in IBKR.

I’ll let you know if we can add the remainder once I’ve got an update :v:

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Quick status update:

  • ISO Energy - our intermediary, has the OTC listing (ISENF) so we’ve added that :white_check_mark:
  • STILLWATER CRITICAL MINERALS (PGEZF) - too low market cap, we won’t add it :x:
  • REYNA SILVER CORP - too low market cap, we won’t add it :x:
  • Discovery Silver - :hourglass:
  • Liberty Gold - :hourglass:
  • Silver One - :hourglass:
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Thanks B.E! Will wait on the others

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