Share favourites / watch lists between practice and real money

It would be great to sync the same watchlists between practice and real money modes.

This would probably save you guys some overhead too. Because right now you are storing 4 watchlist configurations for me in a table somewhere - two for Invest, and two for CFD. Then multiply this by however many clients you have.

Why not make the accounts the same? The only difference being the money is either fake or real.

It would make things easier for us to. I always have to use pen and paper when I’m on practice mode because I know whatever I save to a list will not be transferred to my real money account. Then once I move over to real money, I check my notepad and start adding some stocks.

I just think it would be great if watchlists were synced between real and practice.


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Well watchlist is definitely the one lagging behind. Features wise.

I would like to see Wizard for creating Watchlist, Ie select/list all from countries/industries/sectors. As v1 filter.

Later on with additional filter like PE/Dividen yield/S&P credit rating etc.

Also to have watchlists for favorit indexes SP500, nasdaq dow30 etc.

Watchlist to be able to show daily/weekly/monthly gain of stocks. Total watchlist gain.

Have Porfolio as watchlist as well, list all single stocks/etf.

Have Import/export feature, so I can create watchlist outside via designated format. Import back in…

Sorting as well is lacking… lot to do on watchlist imho

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Also I’d like to add another suggestion: the option to delete watchlists.

There is a lot of stuff in the way currently. I am not interested in Cannabis stocks but I can’t get rid of the Cannabis list.

Same with “New on Trading 212”. this list has been the same for at least a month and hasn’t changed.

And “Upcoming earnings” - these earnings were released over a month ago.

etc. etc.


Yes a sort feature is what I’d really like. I want all my stocks in be in a watchlist automatically and to be able to sort by value or gain etc

Also the option to “add to watchlist” from the main desktop view. I’m looking at all these stocks and I there’s no easy way to add them to my lists.