Share pie links from Practice Account

Why the pie sharing feature is only available in the real money mode? Let’s say I want to experiment with some pies on my practice account and if I see some success I want to try putting some real funds into this pie. But I have to create it all over again which takes a lot of time. At least add a feature to allow to copy a pie from the practice account to the real money account if not sharing it to everyone. I don’t know which is easier to implement, probably the first one since the interface is there but the ability to share is not. Thank you.

probably because the practice mode is basically just a simulated game and there is no point in sharing pies on there, it is meant as a practice tool to prep new clients for using the real accounts.

I just mentioned a point though. :sweat_smile:

I’ll rephrase, they are not part of the same system. they look the same but are ultimately 2 separate platforms. One that is real and another that is an insular simulation. It’s like playing a tutorial on a demo disc and wondering why the save data isn’t carried over once you play the real game.

the practice account isn’t meant to be a perfect replication of the real account, it’s only supposed to guide you through learning how to operate the platform.

watchlists also don’t carry over for the same reason, they aren’t in the same place from the beginning. your point is that you don’t want to spend time re-evaluating your choices based on what you learnt in practice?

My point is that I wouldn’t like to spend the time recreating a pie from my practice account. Since we can see the shared pies from the practice account i guess there must be a shared database between the 2 platforms.