Shareholder ID for investor account

Where can I find my shareholder ID?
When signing up on a specific company’s website I was asked for a Shareholder ID. Do we have such access?

Anyone? :frowning:

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As T212 holds the shares in nominee, it is unlikely that you will have a shareholder ID.
As I understand it (I may be wrong) T212 is the owner of the shares and holds them in your name (a bit like a trustee). You have all the economic rights though, just not the nominal ownership of the shares, which can limit the exercise of shareholder rights as the company can decide to not accept T212’s document.

If you search for on the forum you can find the following response about it:

If necessary, T212 may be able to provide a certificate of ownership, however the company may decide not to accept it as your name will not appear on its records and it probably won´t be able to know when you cease to be a shareholder (ie. it won´t know when you sell your shares):

You may want to confirm this with the team and see if the shareholder ID issue can be sorted.


Thank you very much!

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