Stock ownership

Just wanna know , if someone can give me an idea please. When I buy a stock through trading 212 and order execute By trading 212 . Do I get the ownership of the stock instantly or does it take 2/3 days to get the ownership registered on the company book? Thank you

You’re the beneficial owner of the shares but Trading 212 are the nominee. So you’re not going to be on the company books. Only if you close your account and ask for share certificates you can be the owner of the shares. But trust me, there’s no difference really between the two, it doesn’t change your experience

Does that mean that T212 can then lend the shares out via CFDs? Just wondering.

Thank you so much for your reply

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They (Trading 212) can earn income if and when Interactive Brokers lends the shares out. But it has nothing to do with Trading 212’s CFD platform.

Thank you for your reply.

Who might ‘they’ be please?

Sorry… Just seen the answer to my question.