Shareholder Reference Number

To register with Computershare I, apparently, need a Shareholder Reference Number (SRN).

Do we have SRNs as T212 customers or are they not applicable for nominee accounts?

I couldn’t find anything useful on the topic.

I don’t think it applies to us. Basically T212 is the registered shareholder, holding all shares in our name.

So there would only be one SRN for all users, with rights to every shares.

But that’s just my understanding of things, don’t take my words for it.

@Team212 @David maybe?

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What are you trying to do - transfer shares from 212 to ComputerShare? If so it will be your 212 account number but I don’t think that’s even possible so not sure why they would need your 212 details?


They don’t.

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@Zergui is correct here.


That’s what I thought. Thanks chaps.