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Hi. This may have been asked before so I apologize.

Are the shares that I buy in my name?

Can I transfer the shares to another platform? If I do, will they then be put in my name?

If the company does a rights issue, how do I exercise my rights?

Thank you

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Your shares are held in a nominee account so not in your name however your are the beneficial owner of the shares.

You can transfer your shares to another platform who will most likely also hold the shares in a nominee account.

Not sure about exercising rights and voting etc. If you look at the FAQs I’m sure you’ll find an answer.

@krr13 Is correct.
@govendersharetrading Regarding rights issues, you are able to exercise your rights if you wish to do so. When it’s official, we send emails to all eligible shareholders who can participate & exercise their rights, asking them to confirm whether they want to do it.


@David What about his question about transfering shares to other brokers/banks ? I’m curious about knowing that aswell. Thanks!

This usually depends on whether the receiving broker accepts in-specie transfers or not. Trading 212 don’t accept inward transfers yet in-specie although I’d I’d be interested to know if it’s being worked on?

I want to transfer in from another broker but currently one of my stocks is suspended so I can’t do a cash transfer.

@Donald_Duck We’re working on in-specie transfer, should be available pretty soon.


Thanks David.

For the record will that include suspended shares (Eurasia Mining).

If you need a tester hit me up!

Thanks for the feedback guys. Much appreciated.

Also, with regards to rights issue, apparently we can trade our rights because they would have value. Any idea how this would be done?

David, still waiting for news on the Aston Martin rights issue please?

@pablo We’ve resent emails to all eligible shareholders. If you don’t receive one by the end of the day, DM me your account details.

Just to confirm, prior to the thread being deleted:
From @David 's reply I understand that we can exercise our rights, which I guess is buying the allocated shares at a discount. However, are we also able to sell any rights?

I am not asking about any particular company’s share issue rights, just in general.

@EquityInvestor Unfortunately, it’s currently impossible to sell your rights.

Okay, thanks for the reply.

Hi, this post was recommended to me because I’m looking to transfer my ISA to Trading212 but hesitated because I didnt want to do a cash only transfer. If you are still looking for testers please let me know!

Bought into Fluor today it’s a good stock

Hi Guys,
I have been requesting my shares to be transferred into my name for over a month and I have had no joy at all. I have had everything from being ignored to being told it can’t be done due to the coronavirus. I honestly don’t know what else to do

Why do you want them in your name?

Hi Fella,
Because I have no intentions of selling them they are going to be used for my children’s inheritance.
I ask about it well over a month ago my intentions were to remove the shares and start again with money from else where.
I also informed 212 that the qty of shares showing on the site are incorrect according to the statements I have luckily I have also done screenshots of some of my trades so I can prove that the site is in correct and still no one has come back to me. Which is also why I felt I was left with no option but to inform them that I do not accept the charges to the terms and conditions