Shares after Death

Hi there. My mum died just recently and I have been trying to sort out her financial affairs. I know nothing about this kind of investment. She bought ordinary shares through Trading 212, but did not use CFDs.
The people at Trading 212 told me that after recieving the appropriate paperwork, they would sell everything and close the account.
This would be a disaster. Mum bought the shares at a higher price before COVID19. I calculated that the account would loose £8000 if they were sold off now.
Does anyone know of a way to stop the sale of the shares?

Thanks in Advance


How would you lose so much money?

Trading212 would sell them at whatever the price is now. Then you just need to buy them again using your own account. Yes you might lose a few pounds here and there due to slight volatility / fees - but nowhere near the amount you suggest.

Thanks dabear, that makes sense. I hadn’t thought about rebuying the shares, because I know nothing about markets.
As I wouldn’t be using CFDs do you think buying the shares from a company that issues share certificates would be better (simpler and more transferable) than using Trading 212?

Condoleances for your loss.
But as pointed out above, there is no (trading) loss, regardless of if the shares are sold or transferred, or of you buy them back; they are only worth their current market value.
The fact that they were worth more at the time of purchase is irrelevant; you get what there is, and that is their current market value.

It would be the same if your mother bought a house for 500k, and you’d complain to inherit a house that would only sell for 400k. You are not entitled to its cash equivalent at the time of purchase, but only what the good is currently worth.

Take the money, and if you don’t feel confident in investing yourself (as you’ve expressed, not even considering it as an option), then it is best to consult a financial advisor, or use the money as you see fit.