Shell tumbles to $19.9bn loss as pandemic hits energy demand

Any investors of Shell?

bought some more this morning …opportunity to buy, they are also increasing divi :wink:

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Sold mine already for a tidy profit. Too much execution risk, though I acknowledge the potential upside.

Opportunity to buy. Oil is forcasted to hit 65$ oer barel this year + Shell is well diversified (LNG, etc.).

Think I’ll continue to hold I’m hoping they will do better this year. They are into clean energy as well.

Not anymore, I made myself choose between Shell and BP, BP won me. However still feel Shell is a good buy here.

Please read this, I think the world is going to change and developed world will not be using fossil fuels and oil etc. Norway is already building a sun cable to transmit green energy to U.K. China, Germany, Sweden other countries are working on Wind and Solar energies. Here is the link to the article.

I believe that iShares Global Clean Energy (INGR) is a winner.

Here a public link to the same PDF I found via Google.


I hold this aswell. It’s one of the best etfs

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I am not that bullish on the renewables short-term (5 years). When the problem of intermittent energy supply by wind and solar will be solved (energy storage), I expect renewables to become more popular substituting natural gas. But looking at the past 10 year transition is slow.

Well what I’m doing is selling some shares but not all. I don’t want to risk losing too much money as I have invested over £100 in shell.

Thanks for reading my comment and your reply. @bmahnic the thing is that in the next 3-5 years I don’t want to calculate that how much I would have earned if I invested in 2021 in renewable energy.

That’s why I have started early. I believe that the money grows on trees but it grows slowly like grass and the trees are the investments, ideas etc :slight_smile:

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One thing to notice however.

Oil and Gas trade

  • Norway is in the global top 7 exporters of crude oil. The oil and gas sector constitutes around 18% of Norwegian GDP and 62% of Norwegian exports in 2018.
  • Norway is Western Europe’s most important source of natural gas.
  • Norwegian gas account for approximately 31% of EU gas imports (in 2018), with almost all Norwegian exports going to EU.

The main EU importers of Norwegian gas are: Germany, France, UK and Belgium.

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Am sure I’ve made this argument before but the backdoor to investing in renewal energy is by investing in the likes BP & Shell.
They would eventually dominate the renewable energy market with time.
They’ve been in the energy business for as long as i can remember and i cant see how they are gonna sit back and allow new entrants to displace them, ain’t gonna happen…time would tell

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and now Norway want also, to be the leader in exporting Green Energy. (Solar, Wind etc)

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I guess like other opponents in Auto industry watched Tesla by passing them :wink: Here is a side joke

When top level guys look down, they only see … heads. When bottom level guys look up, they only see … holes.


If is destroying the planet, I don’t put my money in. #GretaApproved

EV is a bit like a marathon of which about 50 inch has been covered so far and you’ve already declared Tesla the winner. :rofl:

Same goes for renewable energy, too early to start picking winners :wink:

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What’s destroying the planet is science not knowing what’s destroying the planet and inconsistent messages- petrol, diesel and EV which will be discovered in the next 100 years :thinking:
I think if we control our population, pretty much everything will fall into place.

These companies are moving closer to green energy and actually making an effort. That gives good reason to invest in them.

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Right, The solution is innovations, hopefully, Shell would embrace renewables and that would be a buy for me.

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