Difference in value

Hi could someone tell me if there is a spread on normal shares, for example my value is different to actual share price,

@Dames There is always a difference between the buy & sell price, that’s the by default.
In your case, there’s no additional spread mark up. The chart price you’re seeing is the BUY (ASK) price. Once you buy a stock, we calculate your investment value by what you can sell them for so we use the SELL (BID) price - which isn’t visible on the chart. Unfortunately, there’s not one single universal price which you can trade on. There’s always a small difference between the best bid & ask price.


Ok thankyou for your reply

Hi @David
Can we add price on buy & sell buttons or an advance option on T212 invest app, which allows user to follow both BUY & SELL price similar to CFD acc. This will bring clarity n remove any doubt of markup :+1:.


@Caius That seems somewhat unnecessary for investing. Having both prices would skew the app more towards short-term trading rather than long-term investing. Though we will definitely take note of your suggestion.