Similar ETFs to Arkk innovation

Hi, I have realised you cannot get Arkk etf on 212 so was wandering if there is a copycat version with similar holdings that anybody could recommend.

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It’s not exactly the same, but you can have a look at their holdings through their website and just buy up the stocks you like

Thanks for the reply, the main issue is illumina is not fractional and very expensive


Try to place request for fractional shares of Illumina if that’s the only issue. This week on Friday instead of adding new stocks they planned to make over 200 stocks fractional. Take your chance maybe you’ll be lucky enough and it’ll be able in fractional this Friday

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Ahh, yeah, you should defo request that!
Ark seem to be quite bullish on Illumina, Square and Tesla which are thankfully available here for us :+1:

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I’ll give it a try thanks

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@Mofojonno try this one:

I’m in this under 212. The ticker is SMT.

Not quite as disruptive as ARK’s but it focuses on industry leaders and pioneers, without ignoring any particular sector (whereas most disrupters at the minute seem to be tech or bio focused).

Also gets you into some Chinese biggies (Tencent, Metuan Dianping) and also some private companies (such as Snowflake and AirBnB).


Thanks I will check it out

To be honest SMT is a much better bet IMO.
Private equities are 20% of their portfolio. Very hard to get them anywhere else.
100+ years of history, Ark is a young company.
250B of capital vs 6-7B. Opens up different doors.
Focus on global equities vs focus on USA equities only.


Just for info, Illumina accounts for 6.6% of SMT portfolio as at 31 May.

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SMT also holds SpaceX. :rocket:

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Yep. Full list is in the link I shared above. Solid Trust and I’ll be growing my holding in it.

SMT is very interesting. Strange that I never stumbled on it in my previous explorations.

The name doesn’t give much away. You’d think it was a REIT!

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Aren’t private equities also very risky since they’re so illiquid?

That was a big problem apparently for the Woodford fund that collapsed. Investors couldn’t get all their money out as the unlisted stock was difficult to shift.

Don’t know enough about that to comment. But I trust Baillie Gifford.

I’ve worked in Edinburgh finance for almost 20 years and they’re the hallowed ground. Very well respected in the industry.

Yes they are more iliquid. The rest is a reward/risk game. And Baillie Gifford knows better than you and I how to play it. Risk of failure is part of the game.
As Bezos puts it, if you have a 10% chance of making 100x your money you should take that bet every time. But you’ll lose 9 times out of 10

Have a look at section 3 here:

Uncomparable. The size (250B), experience(100+years) and outstanding management team make BG another category of a player.