Small Cap Value - New ETFs can we add them?


Can we add these funds to the available ETFs please? I don’t see any small cap value options on T212 currently.



No will be the answer - the easiest way to tell is check a website such as justetf for your region, or if it has UCITS in the name which generally means it can be sold to EU/UK investors.


Hi @joshyt, the closest available Small Cap Value ETFs are the SPDR ones.
I believe tickers are ZPRV which is the SPDR Europe Small Cap Value and ZPRX or USSC which is the SPDR USA Small Cap Value. The names I mention are rough, but you should be able to find them by the ticker or by searching “Small Cap Value” in T212.

Note: I can’t remember exactly but I think they have less factor exposure than other Small Cap value ETFs like those that you mention above, but I believe they are the only ETFs european retail investors can have access to (without being a professional investor).