SMT performance

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Tesla went up, but SMT has not been performing that well. Not sure if SMT have changed their fund allocations? Any ideas?

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As of this second

huh, where does SMT disclose real time holdings data?

That was a turn of phrase, they don’t. That was Bloomberg. :sweat_smile:

On their own website it has 30 SEP as the last update

So would the value of SMT not rise in line with that of its holdings? Will the price per share of SMT rise when they next publish the holdings and NAV? Apologies if that is a stupid question.

A two second guess it’ll be pullback to that 200 around 990.

Finally got in on the NIO act I see.


That was my question too! It is down 1.76% today🤔

You should look at the bigger picture - all the holdings, not only Tesla.

Yesterday’s negative:

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Tesla accounts for 11% of SMT. SMT holds over 100 other companies. Ask yourself why would Tesla dictate the direction SMT would go?

Longer term charts for SMT are still in uptrend, I wouldn’t worry;



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I don’t know @Joey_Fantana looking at those weekly and monthly scares the crap out of me.

RSI falling, MACD crossover.

RSI near 90 on the monthly, it’s already very overbought.

Doesn’t have a habit for laying low too long;


Comeback queen.

I’m also presuming @Veevas is investing in this and not trading it.

I have just put some money into SMT, novice to this business! @phildawson and @Joey_Fantana - I didn’t get a bit of what you said using those graphs… but I agree mere 11% wouldn’t change things drastically. I remember seeing some news that SMT was selling stakes in Facebook, Amazon and reducing Tesla. Hence the question.

I was just commenting on the fact I can’t see an uptrend to me it’s now going bearish.

The orange line is 50 weeks, so roughly a rolling year average. You can see its way above the line. Middle MACD shows a crossover which could signal a change in trend. RSI starting to drop back.

I would say a lot of those businesses were/are overbought from the push since April.

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Thanks for explaining that @phildawsonđź‘Ť