Snoop Crowdfunding!

Gadhia ready to launch £5m crowdfund for Snoop

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Not sure what people’s thoughts / experiences are with Snoop but I’ve been using it since it came out - really like the app, well made and designed and proves to be useful. I don’t rely on its services so much as I’m on top of my finances usually lol but love the fact small business owners want this to work for business accounts! I also recognise there’s a lot of similar apps out there and have been in the market longer but I just prefer Snoop - don’t like the name lol

Is the market place not already flooded with this type of thing - MoneyDashboard, Emma, Chip, Plum, Look After my Bills.

Not saying there isnt room for more, but some of these companies have been around since the early 2010’s, and still struggling to make a profit.

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Agreed, there’s a lot of apps!

Emma and Plum are my fav out of that bunch

But if they can get Snoop to do a sponsorship deal like he did with just eat, Snoop promoting Snoop just think of the possibilities!

Never heard of it before though, I’m pretty behind on all these financial help apps. I still use the old YNAB client from before they went cloud based.

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