Daily interest with share lending

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Hello @Team212,

you announced us with mail at 05th June 2023 the new feature “daily interest with share lending”. You wrote in the mail, that the feature will start at 05th July 2023.

What happened with the feature? it doesn’t seem to have launched.

Please give us a status message!

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Says we’ll begin rolling out our share lending program.

To me that seems like a slow gradual rollout to customers over a period of time

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We appreciate your interest, @Shorty68DE :pray:

@Scrooge_McCodf is indeed right. We’ll gradually roll out the feature, and the process has already started. Once you see the update in the app, you’ll be able to set your preferences right away.


@Momchil.G Thank you for your information!


Can you update on the roll out please? How long before we can see this option.

Is there anyway of being part of the initial test group?

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We plan to release the option for our UK clients in early August.

I’ll get in touch with you :pray:

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Is it possible to have early access as a creator to test the new feature? :handshake:

Appreciate the interest Gilbeuh. We are already gradually rolling the feature out for more and more customers, so it shouldn’t be long before you can test it. We haven’t planned an early access system for specific clients, though, I’m afraid.


How often can I get earnings from share lending?

Every day include the weekend days Saturday and Sunday or only from the working days Monday until Friday?

There is 7 days of interests, paid 5 days a week (I think Tuesday morning is the payment for Sat/Sun/Mon)

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Currently income from share lending goes into the free cash of the account.

I believe it would be an improvement if it went to the pie it originated from. In case it originated from no pie, it should go to free cash, as it currently does.

There could be an option for this, like there is for dividend income.

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