So you wanna join Interactive Brokers, huh?

Well buckle up boiiii…
It’s gonna be a long ride…or…long wait…


No rly. this must be a joke lol…but…it’s not


What time did you give up (or did it time out).

I’m going with 59 minutes - any other takers?

At about 30 min or so lol. Probably the 1 support person they have fell asleep there…

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IBKR is notorious for two things: their customer service, and the abomination that is TWS.

Of course it has its pros (which arguably outweigh the cons), but you should have known what you were signing up for before joining the queue :grin:

I swear I feel like a professional everytime I use TWS… I like it.


That is why I did not complete the registration. I needed to talk to someone, which couldn’t happen. Even the login process had a countdown delay. After while I just cancelled the registration.


Ah, yes, TWS is a great software, could make a separate thread about it…

But their statement is even better

“We are pleased to resolve this matter and pleased that the CFTC recognized our proactive compensation of our affected customers.”

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Fun fact, they made a new app called impact (released 2 weeks ago), probably because the current one is so bad :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s probably for US clients only I think, because it’s practically an IBKR Lite account

I would far rather be a small fish in a small pond than a small fish in a massive pond. The markets need competition, and I would rather play a part in that.

Then again if there was a fee incentive or something I may reconsider as I am fickle like that.

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a friend who uses IB told me the IMPACT app is to facilitate sustainable investing / ESG stuff. I don’t think any trading functionality is added beyond their regular software but not certain 100%

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They made a new one now, called IBKR globaltrader. It’s pretty much a simpler more modern version of the main one, like all the others. Haven’t used it though, I must be the only one without an IBKR account.

I used it and it’s OK-ish.

You can actually log in and actually make trades. Which is good for a trading app!

IBKR also has a light weight app “Global Trader” with very limited functionalities.
Can login to GlobalTrader using IBKR account details.

Actually, I’ve been unable to log in for the last 2 days. :frowning:

You know something went really wrong with the #1 broker worldwide when the perks of its app is the ability to login and place trades.