Can I just say how great 212 is

I have been using this platform for a few weeks. Aside from some execution glitches (which I haven’t experienced for a couple of weeks), I love the ease of use. I bought a stock on HL as the ticker wasn’t here and it was an utter pain from logging in to executing. The interface wasn’t user-friendly and the £120 fee for execution and exchange rate was painful after dealing here without having to think about it. We have a good thing here and I look forward to the platform adding more tickers. Thanks to the team for responding to queries here.


Same here, my first brokerage account (after looking at many reviews of many platforms), and it’s just so simple and intuitive.

Also, compared to others the customer support is great. The people there are trained and competent, at least in my experience. This has a huge weight when I look for a broker. And their Trustpilot score is pretty much industry leading.

One thing I would like to see improved is having access to more Stocks in more markets. Like, I’m looking now to opening a new brokerage account just because I can’t invest in Canadian stocks (banks) on CA stock exchanges.
EDIT: Nevermind, I though there’s significant differences between stocks listen on different exchanges but after hours of reading, there aren’t. And Trading212 has all the major Canadian banks listed on US exchanges!

I also had some issues with the app, mainly that it would at times not load any data in the UI, but lately it seems to be fixed.


I agree with everything you said there sh77. T212 is awesome and is soooo much less painful than buying (thats £11.95 son) and selling (another £11.95 please boss) on HL!

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I don’t mind paying a tenner for a large trade on HL when ticker not here but the exchange cost is a killer. I’ll give IG a go next time.