Welcome to Interactive Brokers

I can’t stop showcasing how beautiful and robust this platform is to the world!

Behold, UX!

EDIT: And to add to this, today the platform has been amazingly slow and buggy with it’s sessions. Highschool coding.


Aw snap :frowning:


out of memory error code is regarding your RAM LOL :sweat_smile:

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And which page do you think is filling up my 16GB of RAM? :stuck_out_tongue:


its funny, I usually get the CPU filled more than the RAM and the issues (despite being 3000speed) are because its too slow for some reason. maybe there is a hidden youtube video embed thats trying to play at 8K LOL

Well, I’m using ibkr and I didn’t encounter any issue so far.

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Wow. I’m using IB and haven’t encountered a day without finding an issue so far.

How interesting.


Thankfully it’s an ironic post!

I used IBKR only to access Canadian stocks and I hate it so much. So stupidly complicated even for basic functionalities. Things just like forex conversion, you have to have your base currency to pay for the currency conversions between two other. So, I once had a few USD that I wanted to convert to CAD but since my base currency was EUR I couldnt pay for the fee out of the USD/CAD. So I had to convert back to EUR, pay another fee, so that I can have a fee to convert the USD to CAD. It’s a nightmare.

Lately I’m getting daily Margin Calls/Liquidation warning emails (when I’m not even trading on margin) just because I don’t have cash in it since everything is into stocks that happen to be at loss. They keep nagging me with useless automatic emails saying I’m near liquidation when nothing is on margin! A living hell that platform


dude I legit cannot recall a software that is worse than this.
I am not exaggerating.
I use mostly the web platform for reaaly simple basic things. And it’s broken / and or horrible UX.

This is the result of complacency. So sad.

But on the other side they are one of the oldest stock brokers.
Have one of the highest market selection.
One of the lowest fees.
One of the most available brokers (to many nations)
And allow you to move your portfolio (T212 doesn’t for example, u gotta sell if u wanna switch if they for example increase fees, which is a taxable event)

But using IB is so frustrating that I just sometimes feel like going on their competitor’s forums and letting out that frustration :smiley:


But your still with them @trade :upside_down_face:

yeah, maybe it’s because I’m just buying something 1-2 per month and that’s it. good luck

Yeah, I use them for the above mentioned advantages. Hopefully T212 will get these features too in time.

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Use their IMPACT app, or the GlobalTrade app for smartphones.
These two apps are very similar to T212 app on iPhone etc.
far more beautiful UX.

It’s still the same account you have so no setting up anything new!

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Well I give it to them that they seem reliable in terms of managing and being a sustainable platform that hasnt gone bankrupt of pulled the rug on customers assets.
Plus they indeed have a very broad selection of securities (the only reason I’m with them, Canadian stocks). They got cheaper with the inactivity fee waiver of 10 eur a month for low volume retail traders, still not cheaper than DeGiro or T212 though.

The custody change of securities indeed can be a one time issue for someone on T212 depending on the country.

But still their platform and UX sucks hard!


What are those 2? I use their IBKR mobile app. Are those different? Which one is which?

They’re just two alternative IBKR apps.
The one you’re using, then the two more simplified ones that I mentioned. I have IMPACT I downloaded from the App Store for free.
If you already have an account with IBKR you’ll be able to synchronise it to your original account.

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Interesting, had no idea about these. I wonder why don’t they use the main site to promote them.
Maybe because the marketing team is also complacent.

I checked them out but it looks like the functionality is limited, at some point they still redirect you to pages from the main site.

Also, I still gotta keep the normal app cuz I need it for when I log into the desktop site, as 2FA, sux :slight_smile:

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Actually the IBCE is now cheaper for non UK customers than T212 unless you are buying really small amount of stocks.

Inactivity fee is now 0.
AUTO fx coversion is FREE vs 0,15% fx fee on T212
US stocks is usually 0.35 usd per trade
EU (London stock exchange) is 0,05% from trade value
Deposit funds via bank is the same (SWIFT fee)

How do you get free conversion? On the Web trader portal, I can’t execute any transactions in another currency until I exchange money (for $2 flat) to that currency.

It is available on IB Central Europe. There is auto conversion for free (from base currency) when you buy the stock, so it is working same way like on T212, or you can convert by yourself for 2 usd fee when you need any amount you want.