Selling during market close

I want to sell all of my shares in a company. Currently the market is closed and will reopen tomorrow (where I predict a large drop). Please could someone tell me how to get out avoiding a further drop?
If I set a stop limit will this sell at the price it is now or if it The price drops at opening straight away will I lose a lot?
Thank you for your help!!

What stock is it out of curiosity?

If you place an order now it’ll try and execute on open.

You don’t get the sell price that you currently see now.

If you think about it there’s someone on the other end of the deal that’s going to be buying from you when selling. They aren’t going to honour a price you saw in the past.

If you make a stop limit, and it drops below the limit you could end up not selling at all depending on where you place the limit.

You will get the price that is offered on opening.
If it’s down and you have a stop loss, you will have to take your loss.
Otherwise, hold :slight_smile:

Is it CINE ?


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There are only a handful of companies that you can trade in Extended Trading Hours. Please find the list here:

I’m assuming they are using Invest / ISA though so the answer will be zero out of hours. Those out of hours in CFD are very liquid too so there’s always a good movement. On most shares there’s barely any volume unless very good/bad news.

Its defo cineworld init, :joy: :roll_eyes::see_no_evil: i too have bleeding stocks in cine

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Yeah bloody cine!!! :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

:neutral_face: ouch

So I personally wouldn’t have sold right on open, even though it hit a low 15.97 it bounce probably to 25-29 on people buying in.

This one has a smell of zero with all the leverage even before covid situation.


I probably should have played that bounce 16 and exit 28 would have been nice. Too busy eating breakfast. I’m guessing a slip back to 18 but as you say @Vedran potentially zero if they chuck in the towel.

Just got an alert ping on this as it touched 23.50

26 on open :flushed: