[SOLVED] No option to fund account with Apple Pay?

New to the platform. A day or two ago, I am sure I could see the option to fund my account through Apple Pay. I can’t see it now.

Is it gone for anyone else or is it just me?

If it’s not just me: why has it been removed? Will it be back?

If you scroll down on the deposit page does it look like this. The G pay and Skrill are hidden unless you know to swipe up.

This is what I see on open with zero indication of other methods

Thanks for chiming in. It was actually my fault.

Last time I opened the deposit interface was through Safari (macOS). That’s why I could see Apple Pay. I didn’t realize that I was browsing Trading 212 on Chrome (macOS) right now, that’s why I couldn’t see Apple Pay (I guess it’s only supported on Safari). Totally my fault as I’m back on Safari and can see it again.