Paypal funding option not avilable

Hello, I am trying to add funds to my Invest account but Paypal does not appear. Is the option available for certain countries only (my current country of residence is the United Arab Emirates) or permanently unavailable?

Hey @abou3issamh,

Here you have the answer:

Right now, PayPal is not available in UAE, I’m afraid.

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Thanks @Tony.V , I tried to switch to CFD, Paypal option still not available so I guess it is a restriction based on my location(United Arab Emirates).

I was just adding the same thing to my reply above.

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Skrill option is available but I do not have an account myself. My wife has a Skrill account, can I use that or the Skrill account should be under the same registered email address on T212?

The deposit should be made via your own Skrill account.

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