💳 Introducing Apple Pay

Introducing Apple Pay. Pay quickly and easily with your 212 card straight from your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Get your 212 card now: trading212.com/cards

:white_check_mark: 1.5% cashback until 1 Oct 24, 0.5% thereafter
:white_check_mark: Earn 5.2% on your pounds. Paid daily. Withdraw anytime.
:white_check_mark: Revolutionary low exchange rates
:white_check_mark: Our card is free - no sneaky fees or subscription plans

The 212 card is available for UK residents. Coming this summer across Europe - join the waitlist.

Interest applies on the uninvested cash in your account. ATM withdrawals are free up to £400 per month, 1% ATM fee applies thereafter. You can get up to £20 cashback every month.


great feature! added to my Apple Pay wallet smoothly :+1:


Been trying it today. Was worried that it wouldn’t work as normally you need to enter a pin with a physical card when you first use it, but went perfectly. Waiting to see if cash back comes through now!

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I’ve never had to use a PIN payment before being able to use Apple Pay. Contactless card yes, but not Apple Pay. Most providers let you add to Apple Pay and use while the card is in the post

Yes well it’s a first for me, usually when I get a new card I go straight to an atm to put the pin in. Wasn’t sure how it was going to work without a card!

Also got my first cash back!

Amazing, seamlessly activated with my virtual

Any updates on the Google Wallet support?


Excellent, been using the card for a while now, love it ! Though it would be great if you could pass on this suggestion : Could you add some kind of specific place where you can put the money you intend to use only with the card, otherwise it’s confusing that the money you intend to spend is mixed with the money waiting to be invested if that makes sense … Thank you and keep up the great work


Quite an interesting proposal…

Some time ago, it was mentioned by T212 a kind of “Cash Pies” for moneys, aka, accounts reserved for cash, maybe something like other players already have. And other banking-features. But no ETA.

@PabloTheDolphin, we can’t give a precise timeframe, but it’s coming soon.

@Damiansasha, we’ve covered that in another thread :point_down:

There’s a fee?

Rather still use bank transfer for free.

There are no fees associated with payments made via Apple Pay if that’s what you’re referring to.

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Fantastic. Congratulations guys 212 did it once again!

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