SOUN up in after market

Well Soundhound AI is up over 30% after close. On twitter people are saying that NVDA has taken a stake in the company but I haven’t seen any official news. I also saw comments that Microsoft are making a bid. It volatile. Not suggesting it as a trade or buy (I already own). However, if it does involve anything by either Microsoft or NVDA it is an interesting move in the AI market

If anybody finds anything definitive because a lot of people on twitter appear to be confusing a filing that Blackrock have acquired a stake in Soundhound as nvda buying a stake. Its difficult to understand the market going crazy to push a price up 32% on the basis of misrepresented news so it will be interesting to watch and see what the news actual is

Edit: OK I’ve now found it. NVDA filed a 13F with SEC disclosing 5 investments including a $3.6million investment in SOUN so not massive but I guess it is a significant endorsement for Soundhound.


I had to laugh. Recently a couple of people have asked me what I think of Zacks.

I looked at the chart for SOUN this morning on TradingView and noticed that Zacks had issued a note 11 hours ago which is just before SOUN started a 90% overnight rise. The note says:

“Currently, SoundHound AI, Inc. is carrying a Zacks Rank of #4 (Sell).”

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