Why does the share price tank with good news

I was just watching the share price as the Microsoft results were announced. Pretty good results beat forecast with Azure+cloud revenue up 26% (I haven’t read all of the results) but the share price drops like a brick. Then bounces then drops… I’d love to know what drives all of that volatility. Is it just some day traders or something else

Sorry just rambling

Stock is up a lot YTD, expectations are high and they don’t always meet them

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Yes I realise they’ve had a good rise but widely forecast to continue doing so. The results beat forecasts so not sure what more people wanted and there will always be a few things that aren’t as rosey. Just curious really because the after market price is almost back to where it closed so just wondering what’s behind the big drop.

I was watching another share earlier to see it drop like anything during trading for a short while only to then put in an impressive rise so the drop was just a shake and to trigger stop loses I guess. Amazing how many times I see fairly significant drops just before big rises

Just more, always more!

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“Market Wisdom”: Buy the rumor, Sell the news

Maybe some investors are simply, making profits (cashing in the chips).

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Various reasons, in fact the list can be endless

  1. Profit taking – MS has had a good run so far
  2. Rebalancing portfolio – Institutional investors governance on risks concentration
  3. Better opportunities elsewhere to be exploited
  4. Disappointed result – not everyone agrees on those analyst forecast – we’ve all got our own forecast

It wasn’t a terrible serious post and as you say there are lots of reasons. Although I specifically referred to MSFT it was more a generalised comment about the market not always being terribly rational. If anyone can explain the rise in Ocado yesterday they are doing better than me but I sold out of Ocado yesterday afternoon so I was happy with it, whatever the reasons (and if it was a short squeeze, thanks)