New IPOs going live TODAY (Thurs 16th July)

Good morning, @David @Martin @PeterA

The following IPOs are diarised for today;

NASDAQ:RLAY (Relay Therapeutics)
NASDAQ:TIG (Trean Insurance Group)
NYSE:PSTH (Pershing Square Tontine Holdings)*

Would you mind adding as fractional (if possible) as soon as you can please.

*PSTH is a massively requested IPO that has not had an official date declared yet, but expected this week, so will add this all week as it may drop unexpectedly.

HPXU currently the only one on IB that I can see, but please double check.




@David @Martin @PeterA - friendly reminder.

All but Pershing Square Holdings are on IB right now

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Thanks @Keshian

@David @Martin @PeterA, all IB enabled. Thanks

@David @Martin @PeterA - urgent reminder. Thanks

Just a heads up all. I have just received several notifications for existing positions in SPACs:


It may be that T212 don’t allow for the splitting of commons & warrants, or have decided to stop trading units. No clarification has been given to me about my existing positions but this may be the cause of the delay for PSTH.

EDIT: @martinjbell, let’s continue discussing this on your other thread, specific to the issue :slight_smile:.

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I think this is probably the reason, if they cannot support warrants then they may have decided to remove SPACs altogether.