Spain - Modelo D6


I have to send the Modelo D6 form and it asks me to attach a statement with my positions at the end of 2020. Will the monthly statement from December be enough or do I have to ask for a specific statement from Trading 212?

Thank you so much.


buenas, yo estoy con el mismo problema.
Encima el 31 de diciembre se me vendieron todas las posiciones que tenia abierta y me gustaria poner en el model D6 solo donde tengo depositado mi dinero en el Broker,“creo que se lo que tengo que hacer”

I would also know what I have to attach. Does anybody done this with trading 212 before?

The monthly statement shows positions open at the end of the previous month. So that should be enough.

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Additionally. The D6 form requires Spanish residents to especify in which country the shares are being held. As T212 works with Interactive Brokers I would think the options are the UK (if held through IBKR UK or perphaps the US as it is an american broker?

Does somebody know?

I have put GB in mine. I understand that if the assets are covered by the FSCS (85 000 GBP) it is because they are held in the UK, at least from a customer’s perspective. If they were in the US, the coverage would be provided by the SIPC (500 000 USD).

Hi. I did the same. Put UK as depositary country.

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