SPCB stock limit?

Why have you limited the amount of shares that you can own to a measily 85 for this stock which is not much at all?

Consider it done - we just increased the maximum position size to 1500 shares :pray:

Hi there, you did temporarily, but then you restricted it to selling only, i missed a re entry because of it :frowning:

However i did gain on my first time entry, so that is a positive :slight_smile:

Thank you anyway.

Hey, LearnerEarner. I apologise for the delay in getting back to you :pray:

To clarify, we had set the instrument to a close-only status temporarily because of certain internal measures tied to its low market cap and the unpredictable market activity on October 10th. This was done to ensure proper order execution.

The close only was lifted the following morning on October 11th.