Spikey graphs and (?) old shares

I’ve seen a lot of charts, such as the one below, where the graph flattens for some portion of it (in this case it appears to be due to an enormous spike on the 2nd of April):

As you can see, if you scroll to the left it goes back to normal:

Presumably the data is accurate and it’s not a bug, so I guess my question is: is there an option to ignore such one-off spikes? They are really useless for assessing the price history, after all!

And, as a side note. What does it mean that the history for that particular share (Mologen) ends in November? Are they no longer traded? If so, could they be filtered or marked out somehow, perhaps like fractional shares can be?

I think you can always click and hold on the right bard where the price range is to adjust it to your own needs(as you see the first graph is close to 467.00 while the 2nd is 9.22)

You can, but unfortunately that doesn’t work particularly well either, and you can’t make anything leave the graph, only make it smaller, so it actually makes it harder to read!