Spreadsheet help please 🙏🏻

Could I grab some help from someone who has built a portfolio on google sheets.

I realised my “sell price” column which takes live prices from google finance is working everything out in £ when I have a mix of £ and $

So it converts everything but it’s not correct.
It is for some but not for foreign stocks.

Is there anyway on the platform (or an easy way on the spreadsheet :woman_shrugging:t2:) to see the sell price not only in $ but (in brackets) £ too?


(I’m not a tech whizz)

Googlefinance prices are delayed and cannot provide current bid price, or a precise up-to-date USDGBP rate. But why do you want such accuracy? In your Google sheet you can use =googlefinance(“USDGBP”) for an approximate exchange rate.

Not fussed about the accuracy it’s just it shows all USD in GBP. I built my portfolio from a YouTube tutorial so not sure how I change the formula from GBP to USD. I realised it was grabbing live “ish” prices but converting it to GBP.
Sorry I can’t explain it much better as I’m really not great with tech talk.
Basically is the formula the same for =googlefinance or do I add something onto that? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

May be better option is adopt this

Shouldn’t take much work

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Just take any price that is in USD and multiply it by the number from =googlefinance(“USDGBP”)

Cell A1 has AAPL
Cell A2 has =googlefinance(A1)
Cell A3 has =googlefinance(“USDGBP”)
Cell A4 has = A2*A3 will have the GBP price of an Apple share

Or more simply, Cell A2 has =googlefinance(A1)*googlefinance(“USDGBP”)

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