Purchase price, sell price, return anomaly

I recently bought some stocks in alphabet (Google). The value has dropped since then, the sell price is below the average price, yet the return is slightly positive. I’ve had the same thing happen the other way round and thought it must be a hidden currency conversion fee, but somehow I doubt t212 are going to secretly credit my account. I thought it might be the difference in exchange rates at time of buying and selling, but the app isn’t very clear about what exchange rates it’s using to calculate things.

Can anyone explain this? Cheers, Jamie

Probably changes in the exchange rates

This is definitively due to the exchange rate, since the GBP has been declining in value today. You can find the exchange rate that was used at the time of purchase in the History. The value shown now is with the current exchange rate. This is not shown anywhere on the Invest platform, but is approximately the rate shown for USDGBP in the CFD platform. You can also discover it by starting a fictional limit order in which you buy a share of AMZN for $1000. Eg here we see the rate must be 0.80589 GBP per USD.


Thanks, good idea on the fictional order.

That fictional limit order is a great idea.

Are there any plans to show the current exchange rate on the app? Personally I’d like to see both the exchange rate and the current price per share in my T212 account currency of GBP (even in a very tiny font) wherever the instrument currency is shown.

You could click on any price to toggle it between the account currency and the instrument currency. I use the Delta cryptocurrency app, which already has this functionality, and it’s very useful.