SQQQ during the Market Correction under CFD?

SQQQ (short version of QQQ) is well known to have an inverse corelation with QQQ which are Nasdaq 100 Index the high the growth stocks

During the market correction QQQ will plunge but at the same time SQQQ will rise at aproximately the same percentage.

Unfortunately, it is only available under CFD as they are US ETFs which are not PRIIPs compliant

Unless you only do it for a day trading purposes, overnight and/or weekend fees are killers as it will eat your profit day by day.

Has anyone tried SQQQ on T212 under CFD?
Is there anyway to avoid the overnight and/or weekend fees?

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On the CFD platform you can just go short on the Nasdaq 100 futures. No need for a short version.


No, that’s part of how CFDs are priced. If holding a CFD overnight, you will pay fees.

If you want an inverse QQQ position, on the invest platform there are some. At the very least EQQQ from Invesco, without overnight fees then.
Although it probably carries some high fees for an ETF, it is quite likely to be cheaper than CFDs.

May not perform as well as a short QQQ over a few days tho, because of daily calculation.

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there is QQQS on the invest side (3x daily short) ,EQQQ is not an inverse.

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Mea culpa indeed!

I quickly searched for “-1” in the App, didn’t notice EQQQ popped up for their “NASDAQ-100” description.

I believe there is only QQQS as an inverse indeed, and it is -3x.

For a -1x QQQ on the Invest platform, maybe @Tihomir or @Oktay can help you out :wink:

Thanks for the tag @Zergui. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there aren’t any (-1x) Nasdaq inverse ETPs in Europe → just an inverse (-3x). That said, you can find inverse (-1x), (-2x), or (-3x) ETPs on the S&P 500.



I asked a couple of EUR-denominated Leveraged & Inverse ETFs that include those (besides other indexes):

It only depends on T212 adding the ETFs requests. I suppose if more people react to the requests, maybe T212 will add those more quickly. :wink:

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Thanks @Zergui

@adindas, as @Oktay mentioned there aren’t any -1x QQQ ETPs in Europe.

At GraniteShares, we see our FAANG suite of ETPs as an alternative for tech sector investors and traders that utilize products linked to Nasdaq 100. Bigger picture, Tech index investing (related ETFs (QQQ A-)), has changed in recent years. The Nasdaq 100 index historically has been very tech-focused but has evolved to now include stocks like Pepsi, Starbucks. Do traders really want Pepsi, Starbucks exposure in their technology trade? We don’t believe they do.

That’s why you can check our -1x tech baskets for pure play tech exposure, available with T212. Tickers SFNG, SFTG, SGFM. Available in USD, EUR, GBx

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That’s actually a really good point! May not be the case of everybody, but it is a reasonable assumption that people interested in the QQQ long or short are mostly looking at the tech space specifically indeed.

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