Stock Icon update

I was wondering if it would be possible to request a stock logo update enlisted in the Trading 212 app by simply flagging it somehow to the developers from within the detail page of a stock.

There are popular stocks that still haven’t received their logo update.

$NNDM for instance is one of the most traded stocks lately but is still rocking the system default ticker icon.

$RMO went through a spac merger but is still using the acquisition corp’s logo.

It would be nice to solve this issue somehow by either having the individual users requesting company logos from within the app. Or to have T212 update the logos automatically through some kind of ground ruling it has to meet.


@David Could you add the icon picture for $SOS ?

The cited icons will be uploaded shortly.

+1, a lot of ETFs (such as NQSE) are missing icons and could use an update.