Stock Icon update

Westwing Group - WEW
Babylon Holdings - BBLN
Fluence Energy - FLNC
Kingspan Group - KGP
STMicroelectronics - STM

Also drug - bright mind bioscience, please make fractional too :blush:

Could you please add the logo for Triton International (TRTN)? :trident:

Hey @HRD :wave:

The logo has been updated.

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Thanks, great work! Looking great in my portfolio!

As you’re at it, I have one more logo request:

Principal Financial Group (PFG)


Please can you update the TotalEnergies logo? It’s currently the old one.

Ticker: TTE


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I would appreciate the addition of the $ATAI logo:

Dear @Bogi.H and Team,

Thanks for adding an icon for ORGN!

Please consider these additions also:

NX Filtration B.V. (NXFIL.AS)


Velo3D, Inc. (VLD)


Stryve Foods, Inc. (SNAX)


Sportradar Group AG (SRAD)


Thanks in advance!

Hi T212 team

I would appreciate it if you added the Agronomics logo, ANIC

Thank You!