X4 stocks in my portfolio still don't have icons - Please Help! (3 of the 4 are not IPO's)

Hi @T212_help

Hoping someone can upload the icons for some of my stocks please?

Stocks without icons in my portfolio are:

  • Vale (VALE)
  • Ingevity (NGVT)
  • Infosys (INFY)
  • Foley Trasimene Acquisition (BFT) (After the merger will be ‘PaySafe’

Obviously there are a lot more than just these that need doing too but really appreciate your help.



Most investors here(me included) on T212 suffer from OCD. :slight_smile:


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you are tagging a normal community member with that tag. @Team212 is the tag you should have used. remember, it’s only a member of T212 staff if it has their official logo present.

regarding the Icons, they currently have to prepare and implement them manually, so it’s not a priority compared to other fixes/improvements. ultimately, the icons are just a cosmetic feature.

The icons will be present on the platform shortly.

I can see it’s been updated thanks a lot!

Hi Rumen, just one more, could we get an icon for AMC please?? Considering how highly this stock is being held by retail investors i was surprised it doesn’t yet have an icon. Could we get the AMC icon linked?

Looks sorted now, thank you very much :slight_smile: