[Stock request] Bushveld Minerals (BMN)

Can you please add this vanadium supplier?

Just a small bump. Would like to move my equities over but can’t until this is added to the universe.

If anyone wants to read up they have an investor come fan site here:


They’re also working on creating a new type of battery using their product which last far longer, is fully recyclable and much safe the Lithium-ion batteries.

Any chance it could be added?


This might sound random, but is that you @codf? :smiley:

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Cover blown. That didn’t take long.


It was the stock request that did it :wink: This is sparklesandsweat from the FT forum; I don’t hold any of your stocks (not a fan of mines nor banks) but your deep dives are legendary all the same.

I noticed you were suspended from the FT forum - What happened man? Would love to DM if you feel it’s more appropriate talking about it there.

edit: I was suspended too.

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Small bump on this one.

Bushveld up over 20% on the week. China doubling down on steel standards meaning vanadium is in demand.

And these guys make a new type of battery which is better and safer then Li-ion. Lots to love!

Still have a holding of them on FreeTrade, would love to invest in them here.

Re-typed up some notes on Bushveld here. I still think they’re a cracking prospect.


Fingers crossed for that stock to be added in recent week batch of stocks

Hopefully this makes the list this week. Super cool battery hedge listed on the AIM.


Crux Investors has interviewed the CEO of Bushveld Minerals, I am yet to watch the video but I thought it might be of interest to others too.

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Looks like good results for company

Interview published yesterday:

Not sure if anyone was aware, but it’s live! :+1:

Bushveld Minerals Limited


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Bushveld info here

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So BMN up by 100% since I purchased, even if it is small purchase worth 500.
@Scrooge_McCodf thank you.


Another interview with Fortune, Bushveld CEO, from about a week ago:

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