Stock request - DPM on TSX

I would love to be able to trade Dundee Precious Metals traded on TSX with ticker symbol DPM.
Thank you!

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The thread at the top of the Stocks & ETFs requests was written to help users check if 212 could add stocks. 212 do not yet support TSX(Canada).


Do you happen to know if I’d be able to trade stocks on TSX and ASX on Interactive Brokers?
or T212 uses them as well? IBKR Clearing or IBKR Prime services?!

ASX1 is a no sadly. I wanted to trade TBLD and MWE.

The above is how you can check if Interactive Brokers has the stock listed.


You’re amazing. Thank you for the link.

Sorry to jump in, guys - Dundee Precious Metals, Inc. appears to have an OTC listing under DPMLF, and it’s PSE.

@smofSTACK, would you like us to try and add it? :thinking:

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ooooh, yes!
This would be awesome!
Thank you.

You got it.

@Momchil.G - can you take a look at this, mate? :eyes:

Sure thing!

I’ve forwarded DPMLF to be added and will let you know once there’s an update :raised_hands:

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Quick update, @smofSTACK

Dundee Precious Metals (DPMLF) is now available for trading :handshake:

Thank you, Michael! Will take advantage soon.