[Stock request] LSE:FRP & LSE:LOOP please


I previously requested these stock but have not heard anything and now cannot find the requests on this forum (stinks of me making a mistake!)

Please could you consider these 2 stocks for addition to the ISA platform - both listed in London (AIM)

Firstly, LSE:LOOP - This is a UK based Zoom but with better security and is aimed at the dial-in conference call market. Used by some large corporations (including Kia motors) and smaller companies alike. Although still not well known, the current environment suggests this is a growth industry and according to their research 70% of remote business meetings are still conducted by dial-in conference calling methods. The ability to join using a telephone and view video/presentations etc on a computer if wanted/needed is especially great if you are working from home and dont want to get your suit on just for a zoom meeting!

Second, LSE:FRP - a newly listed company on AIM index. FRP advisory are a insolvency management company which sadly maybe in more demand over the next few months as businesses fail to survive the pandemic & lockdowns. Headline customers include Debenhams recently.

Thirdly - a longshot! I previously (Jan '20) asked about Orsted energy which is listed on the Copenhagen exchange. This was not possible to add at the time as listed in Denmark - now that you have a new and improved that has added lots more instruments… is Orsted and the copenhagen exchange still off-limits for now or a possibility?

Thanks for all the great work. Hope you are all staying well! Look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to invest in these companies on your platform soon

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Have I been blocked or my account been flagged as having COVID or something? Requests from 2/6/20, 9/6/20 & 5/7/20 not even had a reply when others have had requests actioned from requests much more recently. Following T212 advice when I raised this issue in May, I now have other brokerage accounts but there is a lot to like about your service and I promote you regularly to others… at least a reply would be civil! PLEASE can you look at these stocks as ISA instruments, or just tell me you can’t/won’t and I can move on somewhere else. Thanks

They’re not adding stocks at the moment due to pies launching and trying to create more fractionals.

Orsted still isn’t available no Copenhagen exchange. (Neither is Vestas :sob:).

Only stocks adding atm is IPOs.

Edit: noting both have fairly low liquidity and volume, which may be the reason.

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Thanks duckie (local term of endearment where I am)

Since May though? There was another excuse before (adding a new data provider to improve the number of instruments & I was told before that Copenhagen would be included). Guess I just have to trade these on IBKR or IG for free and take the tax hit from not using my beautiful T212 ISA!

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: The pies do look nice.

Liquidity is a problem I have to accept - I seem to be good at picking low liquidity stocks, this has led to big gains before though and previously I at least got a message to explain that my requests can’t be added.

– I think I just get sad & frustrated that T212 aren’t all that I made them out to be (with AIM listed companies anyway)

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Key to remember we’ve had Coronavirus too and a huge influx of new users here. Looks like they’ve been rushed off their feet.

If this was happening in a normal year (do these exist?) I think it would be inexcusable. However this year has been a bit…special and we’ll have to cut them a bit more slack.

Hoping stuff gets added soon.

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Agree. I should cut them some more slack. They kept the service running throughout and that has got to have been a challenge!

Fingers crossed for Copenhagen & some illiquid AIM stocks soon :wink:

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