[Stock Request] LSE:GAMA & LSE:RBOD

I’d really like the opportunity to invest in Gamma communications (LSE:GAMA) and the iShares automation and robotics ETF (LSE:RBOD).

I am also interested in a company called Orsted Energy, but they are listed in Denmark and I can’t see that you have any links with the copenhagen exchange… will this one be possible do you think?


They are looking at adding more exchanges so even if it’s not available now, you can expect to see it further down the line. Perhaps closer to end of the year though.

Nice. worth a cheeky request then :wink:

@penfoolery GAMA & RBOD are up & running. :running_man:t2:
Oersted Energy will have to wait a while. We’ll be working on expanding the available exchanges in the 2nd half of the year.