[Stock request] Pershing Square - PSH

I have to use degiro at the moment just to assess this stock. It is on LSE and EAM I would be enormously grateful if this got added of some pont?


This could be very interesting, as PSH could end up having a right to acquire a significant number of shares of PSTH (Pershing Square Tontine Holdings - the SPAC being requested alot recently) if it manages to merge with a good company.

Nonetheless, it does seem to have a very high OCF / Annual Fee, according to HL.co.uk. Morningstar indicates a lower cost.

It also seems to be priced at a discount of over 30% with respect to the Net Asset Value of its assets under management.

This is a Main Market - FTSE250 stock so can we potentially add it in the next bundle? :smiley:

It’s FTSE 100 now!

Just got added a couple of days back.

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Hi Guys,

For a long time I have been trying to purchase Pershing Square Holdings (PSH) Stock. This is NOT the same as Pershing Square Tontine Holdings (PSTH) which is something I already own. It’s now being put into the FTSE 100, please can Trading 212 add this stock to the available securities?

I’m still baffled at how so many other stocks are listed but a company which is now large enough to be in the FTSE 100 still isn’t here.

Surely if you list PSTH, you should also list PSH. Lots of us are long Bill Ackman!!!



Hi @aditi,

This stock has already been requested.
If you use the search function on the top right you can search for previous posts.

I imagine that T212 will add it whenever they add their next batch of UK stocks, however I have no idea when that will be. Let´s hope that it is before the end of the year :slight_smile:.

I am also interested in it :smiley:.

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They should really add this soon! If small companies IPOs are going up on the platform surely a multi billion dollar company should be listed as well. Just really confused as to why it isn’t here already. Hopefully a staff member sees this and responds.

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Please add Please add Pershing Square Holdings (PSH)

FYI: PSH is Bill Ackman’s investment company.


Hi DutchyJB, there is already another thread on this:

What about PSH.L

Pershing Square Holdings?


Please add Pershing Square Holdings (LSE:PSH) for Trading 212 Invest accounts.



There is one for psth

There is one for the SPAC, I think the OP is requesting to invest in the hedge fund itself

There are already two requests for Pershing Square Holdings (PSH), a stock on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and not a SPAC.


@aditi It’s been added.


Been added and possible to be made fractional :smiley: ?@david

@obrienciaran :white_check_mark:

Legend thanks! (20 characters)

I’ve placed the order, but the transaction won’t go through.

Hi mate, can you please add PSHZF from the new york stock exchange so the stock is in dollars instead of pounds?