PSTH IPO expected 22 July - (note: common class not available on IBKR as of 22/07)

Hi guys,

Adding this now to see if the PSTH IPO can be diarised - expected 52 days after confidentially filing on 20 May.



+1 please, this is set to be massive :grinning: cheers

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+1 please. Many thanks

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Yes please, already got IPOB and IPOC elsewhere, but would love to have this here. Warrants though, rather than stocks or units.

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Also keen to see this added. Cheers.

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Just registering my interest for PSTH when it’s available! :grin: Largest SPAC is surely worth a wee punt with some spare change I’ve got lying around …


Once it’s in the IPO calendar, just get on here the day of early doors and tag the usual guys with the request. IPOs get turned around same day if we’re prompt. :+1:

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Cheers @Joey_Fantana

Hi all, can’t see that this IPO is going ahead today. Have seen WSJ report that they expect it to list next week, so could be 13th July as also wondered, but have edited the thread to “w/c” for the time being whilst I dig a little more/wait for the filing/etc.

Please add thank you

Who are they acquiring?

Trading212 needs to be ready to add this the day it is listed or it will cause it’s users to miss the chance to get in at the base level. This will be by far the biggest SPAC ever and a lot of good opportunities to get in at the floor have been missed due to Trading212s slowness to list

I had read about this, wasn’t it meant to be in August?

Tontine is expected to IPO 52 days after the filing date, June 22. That would make its IPO as early as Friday, Aug. 13.

I’ve done almost no DD so I could be wrong.

Just realised there’s a SPAC Reddit.

Tues or Wed next week I believe.

Who are they acquiring or is it not about that?

That’s the mystery isn’t it, I’m guessing fintech. Robinhood? Monzo? :sweat_smile:

How many billions 3-6?

@Joey_Fantana They’re just listing at the moment then have 2 years to announce a deal. Most come inside that timeframe however and some even opt for shorter than 24 months anyway.

It’s the amount of capital they aim to raise that’s driving the hype - that, and their own prospectus (and I quote) advising they’re targeting a “mature unicorn”. There are some that believe that may mean combining with an already-public company but either way there’s likely to be some opportunity to be had on the listing alone.

@phildawson At first I thought it would be 13th August too, based on that 22nd June filing (52 days on), but then I found that they had confidentially filed on 20 May, so it’s possible (as suspected by WSJ and other outlets too) that this means the 52nd day falls next week (technically tomorrow, hence targeting Mon 13th July onwards).


Please will you bring Ackman’s SPAC to t212 as soon as it is public because I dont want to be late to this SPAC


@David @team212


Honestly, this is the SPAC that I’ve been waiting for so I pray lol it’s added on time!