[Stock Request] Platinum Group Metals Ltd (PLG)

[Stock Request] Platinum Group Metals Ltd (PLG)

Thank you.


Is this added to trade-in? @David @Martin @PeterA

No yet, but hopefully soon.

Can you please add it soon tnx

@Jondcfc Can you please add it soon as this is turning bullish, I’m chasing this when it was $2 not its >$5. Thanks in advance!

I can’t, I’m not a T212 editor, only a community member like yourself. I was hoping for same Ticker, and I know multiple requests are frowned upon, so comment was really in support of your request.

+1. Yes please add. This is a rare earth materials mining (nobel metal) that will supply the EV industry. It is still a penny stock so get in the marketmuch earlier will give advantage.
so there are still a lot of room to gr

Sorry mate I didn’t realise you are a community member.

Please add Platinum Group Metals (PLG) from the NYSE.

general reminder to add Platinum Group Metals Ltd (PLG)

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