Stock requests no longer?


Have you stopped the stock request service? My last requests have been completely ignored or received an inappropriate response from someone who clearly hasn’t read the request properly (or doesn’t understand the difference between long & short positions). The trading 212 platform is becoming less useful as UK instruments that are in a strong position for trading/investing are not present, and the requests either take so long that I miss the trade or are being completely ignored!
After many messages of praise for T212 on this forum… is this the reality? A slow service that does not represent the needs of clients?


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if you read the forums you would have enough patience to know that new stocks are held up due to the new update release, both will end up occurring around the same time and then new requests will be faster than ever. I can see a lot of your requests did get added so where is the problem?

you can still make requests. just don’t bother attaching a limited time-frame because you are in a rush to catch a trend.

there was never a guarantee for all requests to get a response. the team is only so large and has a lot to do, that doesn’t mean they have been ignored.


With respect - are you a T212 staff member or a customer? Because this was a post to be answered by T212 directly and not a request for expert opinion from other traders.
I am not trading to develop my patience skills - I am doing it to make money. I was told that an instrument I had requested as a CFD instrument for short-selling was available in the ISA (where you cannot open short positions) - this is poor. Many instruments have been opened but no recent requests have had a reply (except maybe from you). It is now the end of April - the time that I understood the instrument upgrade was due to be completed. There are other platforms available with customer service departments that actively reply to the clients rather than leave it to other clients. You’re response does nothing to help me remain a T212 customer and not move my accounts to another platform which offers better variety of instruments, better customer service and more profitable trading opportunities. Please resist the urge to answer my requests as if you are the T212 customer service representative.

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I guess you missed the point where time is huge factor when it comes to stocks??? So please stop defending a company when you aren’t even employed by them.

I would also like the original posters questions answered by someone from 212 trading. Why is it taking so long with requests or updating stocks.

It happened with Raytheon where it was unavailable to purchase because it took so long to update to RTX. Other companies updated faster as 212 lagged behind as the price went up for RTX.

IF you wanted a direct response you should have tagged one of the team, not taken a swipe at the first person to respond. Help threads are open to the community aimed at getting answers to a question. Better yet, send a DM to a team member through the forum and await a response which will be far more prompt than an open post without tags, also impossible for “expert opinion” where you don’t want it.

As an individual, I have the freedom to support who and what I wish, being a bystander and not employed is irrelevant. If you don’t have patience, how do you plan to make money? is your strategy to jump at everything that moves and hope one sticks?

We are all here to make money. If not, why bother to enter the market at all?

the announced date of April was made before Covid-19 became what it is. it is understandable that plans were delayed and thankfully, not outright cancelled. a new time-frame was even given.


@penfoolery @Temujin

Another customer here, willing to provide a hopefully fair opinion.

I agree with your points, the update of stocks takes too long and good opportunities can be missed. I myself am still waiting for my requests to be added. However, I do think that this will occur less frequently once we have access to more stocks.

In my opinion the main benefit of T212 is that it is FREE. Transactions (buy/sell) are free, foreign exchange is free (no charges) and the ISA is free, So, as long as it is free I am more happy to wait the extra to get the stocks that I want, especially seeing as the team are implementing alot of changes in a short interval of time and the app and stocks offered has improved alot in the last few months. I believe that the platform will improve considerably over the next few months.

In the meantime, I suggest you use a different broker or platform for the stocks that are not available. In fact, I believe there are loads (if not most) of the clients here that use multiple platforms, particularly with big capital available to invest. I guess they use T212 for the stocks available (as it is FREE) and others such as HL and DeGiro for stocks that are not available. I think this approach would also suit you, maximising the free aspect of T212 and at the same time accessing all of the stocks that you need/would like. In time, probably by the end of the year, it is likely that most stocks will be available on T212, but it is true that currently it is a bit behind in this aspect. Also, it prevents having all your eggs in the same basket (just in case).

I will also await a more formal reply from the team, I am mentioning them so that @penfoolery can get a prompter reply @Team212 @David.

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So I would take most of folks here are fairly new to t212?

As when this community has been started, adding of stock took few hours/days.

Obviously with Advertising Campaigns in UK, they attracted large number of new clients.

I would say stock request numbers skyrocketed.
Obviously t212 decided to switch to new data provider for various reasons, inclusive of faster process to add stocks.

Then we had the thing called covid19, which maybe some think as an excuse, but nonetheless if you take in account mix of factors, big influx of new clients(t212 got understaffed) + remote work, it took some time to readjust. Probably and ongoing process.

Anyway once data provider is switched we can expect faster clearing of backlog.

This are troubled times, but I would say this thread is lead by FOMO(fear of missing out), this is a bear market rally, there will be plenty of chance to buy all this stocks at great prices. What makes a good investor is patience.

Clearly the OP, should work on patience, maybe use his time to check timelines of last bear markets. Where on average bear market lasted ~16 months.

I believe we are now 2 months in. So plenty of time left…


@penfoolery Vedran & Dao are correct, we haven’t stopped servicing the stocks requests, they’re just on hold until completely switch data vendors, that’s been mentioned in more than a few posts. We’re almost done & will probably start adding new companies in the next week.

Our previous timeframe from request to live was a few hours or within the day. It’s going to be the same again once we clear up the existing backlog.


Thank you. All points taken on board. Thanks for replying

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