Stock shares of sub-company as dividends?

So, I personally read for the first time that a company is planing to give sub-company shares as a dividend.

In this article it is written, that Halo Collective (HCANF) is putting assets in their company Halo Tek and that existing shareholders shall get some shares of that company as a dividend.

My question would be, how this would work out with trading212?

The article is on german, the citied quote would be:

" Halo Collective (WKN: A2QNDZ) fasst alle technischen Assets zusammen und bringt diese in “Halo Tek” ein, ein Unternehmen, das mit einer Bewertung von 32 Mio. Dollar seperat an die Börse gehen soll. An die bestehenden Aktionäre von Halo Collective (WKN: A2QNDZ) sollen Aktien des Spin-offs ausgegeben werden und somit eine AKTIENDIVIDENDE!"

Thanks in advance for any help and information regarding this.

Edit: Also discussed on reddit in english

pretty simple. T212 would give you the cash value of the shares, but not the shares themselves.